Executive Committee

This committee is composed of the Officers of the Foundation, the chairpersons of the standing committees, the Hospital Administrator and others as designated by the Foundation Board of Trustees. This committee is empowered to study all recommendations of standing or special committees and submit proposals for Foundation Board action.  Additionally, the Executive Committee is responsible for evaluating all fundraising projects as proposed by the hospital administration and board.

Chairperson:  President  Alice Milligan

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Community Education and Public Relations 

This committee meets at noon on the first Tuesday of each month at the Hospital Foundation home. The committee sponsors several health-related lectures each spring and fall, as well as publishes news articles on Foundation events.  Committee members provide input on topics to be presented as well as serving as hosts at the events.

Chairperson:  Shannon Marshall

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Members of this committee monitor the finances of the Foundation and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on the best way to invest Foundation assets.  The Committee meets quarterly or as needed.

Chairperson:  George Stillmen

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Membership and Nominating

The purpose of this committee is to recruit members to the Foundation as well as provide nominations to the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee.  Currently, there are more than 3,700 members on the Foundation roster.

Chairperson:  Heather Woolsey

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Development and Finance Committee

The Development and Finance Committee of the Foundation is the planning and fundraising arm of the corporation. Reporting to the Foundation Board through its Chairperson, the Committee is responsible for acquiring funds for all projects supported by the Foundation.

Chairperson:  Tyler Perry

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  • Special Events:
    The Foundation sponsors three major events each year – the Flower Valley Golf Classic, the Colorthon, and the Holiday Home Tour and Tea. These fundraising events provide approximately $120,000 in donations each year. Members of this committee plan each event and volunteer time as needed to assure that the event will be successful.
  • Speaker’s Bureau:
    A speaker’s bureau is available for providing information to the community and to service organizations, non-profits, and clubs. Available speakers include LVMC physicians, nurses, specialty staff such as a dietician and physical therapist, as well as administrative employees.
  • Annual Giving:
    This subcommittee solicits ongoing yearly gifts to the Foundation from individuals and organizations.
  • Deferred Giving:
    This subcommittee provides presentations to attorneys, accountants, bankers and other interested parties. The objective of the group is to give visibility to the deferred giving program and assist in the solicitation of potential donors of deferred gifts.
  • Commemorative Gifts: This subcommittee distributes literature to provide an awareness of this opportunity to honor and acknowledge a deceased loved one or friend.
  • Grants:
    This subcommittee researches opportunities for grant writing. Members write or make arrangements for the submission of grant requests. 
  • Projects:  This subcommittee provides the leadership and planning for any projects undertaken by the Foundation.